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LOTUS ROCK CARBON STEEL: Perfection Redefined


Definition of a perfect cookware is the one which excels every set benchmark of a home maker. For the love of cooking we often try and find utensils which not only give us effective cooking results but are also easy to maintain and clean. Out of all the cookware types available in market ALDA discovered an innovation in form of Lotus Rock Carbon Steel.

The Lotus Plant is often taken as symbol of purity in due to its supreme self-cleaning ability.  The plant is covered with wax crystals which are hydrophobic (water hating), which forces the water into spherical droplets. Thus these droplets do not penetrate into the leaf rather these droplets roll down taking dirt particles along with it; this self-cleaning process is called the Lotus Effect. The lotus rock carbon steel cookware has been developed on similar concept so as to ensure better cooking and easy cleaning of utensil. Unlike the usual cookware, where it is difficult to clean the food residues after cooking, the wax crystal layer helps in smooth rinsing.

Additionally, the thin layer of glass crystal, which rests upon the hard ceramic interior surface, has a second quality: it is not just hydrophobic (water hating), it is also lipophilic, which means it is permeable to cooking oil.  Unlike Sauces and other liquids the cooking oil is able to rest in between the wax like crystals. Always adding oil before cooking creates a physical non-stick surface, perfect for a high-quality cooking experience. Thus unlike other cookware Lotus Rock Carbon Steel pans allows cooking oil to seep inside the top of the coating, so that they can be cleaned vigorously without removing the non-stick release, and do not need to be re-seasoned frequently. Also because of its high heat resistance, self-cleaning ability and supreme hardness, the Lotus Rock is a product that can be used happily for many years. Lotus Rock is a strong, long life and environmentally friendly product.

Why is Lotus Rock an environmentally friendly product?

–        It is PTFE/ PFOA free, which are considered harmful to people’s health and to the climate.

–        The base material is carbon steel in a heavy gauge, making it sturdy and durable for longer usage.

–       Carbon steel has an ideal feature of quick heat absorption and good energy retention; saving energy and reducing CO2 or any chemical smoke emissions during cooking.

Lotus frypan

The quick heat absorption feature of carbon creates an amazing cooking result; retains high vitamin content and maintains a delicious taste. This product is perfect for sautéing and frying which is common in Indian cooking. It is perfect for making vegetables, pastas and grilled items as these can be cooked with lesser oil, much proper and without any loss of natural juices and flavors. Good energy retention upto 350 degrees and efficient heat distribution gives better cooking results thereby reducing the cooking time. The magnetic material allows use on induction hob thus it is induction friendly too. The crystal layer makes it good corrosion resistance and rustproof thereby enhancing its longevity.

Lotus Griddle

This black beauty is ideal match to an urban kitchen design, and the luxurious acacia wood handles adds more to its elegance. These handles are strong and have an easy grip. The unbeatable performance of Lotus Rock Carbon cookware is a must have for all future kitchens with excelled results.

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